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Your Profit.

The HT-Team has established itself as a reliable partner for all WJC users. Consisting of specialists in the fields of service, advice, technology and support, it knows your needs exactly and guarantees full service:

the experience and know-how of the HT-Team support your workflow and help you to optimize your waterjet cutting system.

HT Support

Support promptly and reliably within 24 hours, the fastest possible delivery of high-quality spare parts and wear parts is guaranteed.

HT High-pressure Technology

For standard and special applications, from high pressure pumps to premium technology and spare parts.

HT Power

Optimizes every WSS system efficiently:
Cutting speeds increase significantly, operating costs decrease effectively.

HT Plus

improves sustainability and efficiency of a WSS system. HT Plus products help to increase service life, save energy and protect resources.

HT Service

Our experienced HT service technicians work accurately and reliably. Our service vehicles are equipped with a wide range of spare parts and wear parts.

Get to know Hapro Technik:

SINCE THE FOUNDING OF OUR COMPANY in 1993, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for all users in the field of waterjet cutting.


Further development of the SJ family with the Servo-Jet master-slave control and the SJ 18

Despite the pandemic adversity, this year Hapro Technik has created a real innovation with the preparing System HT PR-Evo: as the HT PR-Evo2 it is now completely chemical-free and guarantees optimal water quality for high-pressure pumps. In the Perndorfer Cutting World, the HT Team shows its customers how waterjet cutting works!


Hapro Technik expands its product and service portfolio and establishes itself with increasing success as a full-service provider of high-pressure technology for waterjet cutting. The debut of the new high-pressure pump HT Servo-Jet4000 PURE is the world’s first directly-driven plunger pump designed especially for pure water cutting.


Intensification of the partnership with Perndorfer Maschinenbau KG, exclusive service partner for Perndorfer waterjet cutting systems, commissioning of the first Hapro Technik Plus systems.

Adaption of the product portfolio, increased focus on high-pressure technology, bundling know-how as a full-service provider for waterjet cutting.


Representation in Austria for the company HSB-Automation, linear technology, drive technology, handling technology


Representation in Austria for the company Teseo, aluminium systems in modular design for the transport of compressed air, nitrogen, synthetic oils, mineral oils, and water up to 15 bar pressure

Representation in Austria for the company Tecnoingranaggi, expansion of waterjet cutting technology for the areas equipment and friction materials, high-pressure pumps, and abrasive technology


Representation in Austria for the company Püschel, automation systems and handling technology


Company founding, project planning, and sale of compr. air components