Premium technology for clear advantages.

technology for
clear advantages.

OUR VISION OUR VISION is to make waterjet cutting efficient and sustainable. For us, that doesn’t just mean supporting the workflow of our customers with high-quality products that are delivered as quickly as possible.

We also offer technologies which optimize the systems usefully and effectively. Cost savings, longer service life and the protection of resources are clear advantages!


HT SJ4000

Cutting technology

6,000 bar


The HT Servo-Jet4000 clearly demonstrates the highest level of efficiency with its exceptional energy efficiency and simultaneous high cutting speed. Compared to a conventional high-pressure pump, the HT Servo-Jet4000 foregoes ineffective hydraulic systems. A plunger pump with three pistons coupled with a highly efficient servo direct-drive boosts the overall efficiency to almost 98 %.


Our new HT Power technology enables twice the cutting speed* for injection and waterjet cutting without costly 6,000 bar technology.
By using the HT Power components, your waterjet cutting system will be optimized effectively.
The result: a significant increase in the cutting speed as well as an increase in machine availability and, at the same time, an effective reduction in operating costs.

(* compared to conventional cutting speeds for standard materials)

With the HT Plus systems, the effectiveness of waterjet cutting systems can be increased considerably. Efficiency and sustainability with a focus on the environment are very important to us. The products in our HT Plus series are developed according to strict criteria – they are suitable for increasing the service life of the system, saving energy and protecting resources.

To cut hard materials, every waterjet cutting system requires the addition of abrasive material. THis is added directly in the cutting head via an injector. HT’s (abrasive) injector system provides your cutting system with many great advantages.

+ High cutting capacity: High flow of water and abrasive
+ Durable: Sturdy workmanship
+ Short set-up times: Water jet and mixing chamber can be changed separately
+ Quiet: Low noise level
+ Adaptive: Adjustable to changing requirements possible
+ Independent of manufacturer: Use of standard sizes for jets
and focusing tubes
+ Flexible: Usable for cutting heads of all makes
+ Efficient: mixing chamber with inlet pipe