HT SERVO-JET4000 for the highest level of efficiency.

HT Servo-Jet4000
for the highest
level of efficiency.

HT Servo-Jet4000 HT Servo-Jet4000

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Compared to a conventional high-pressure pump, the HT Servo-Jet4000 foregoes ineffective hydraulic systems. A plunger pump with three pistons coupled with a highly efficient Servo direct-drive boosts the overall efficiency to almost 98 %. At low power consumption (max. 55 kW) there is a large output (max. 8.4 l/min).

This makes it possible to supply several cutting jets at the same time and means the leap into a new, future-oriented efficiency class – WITH UP TO 40% ENERGY SAVINGS!

The High-pressure pump is the heart of every waterjet cutting system: The more efficient the pump, the more efficient the entire system.

All in one - many advantages from a single source

Energy savings up to 40 %

Use the non-binding efficiency calculation
(Costs and savings) when using an HT Servo-Jet4000 in your company.

Long maintenance intervals reduce operating costs!

We recommend preventive maintenance at 1,250 OPERATING HOURS.

Funding of the entire system up to 45%! *

We take care of your entire funding process.
* – 45 % maximum funding in Germany.
– 30 % maximum funding in Austria.

High-pressure pump HT Servo-Jet4000

HT Servo-Jet4000
Bis zu 45% Förderung möglich!
  • Up to 40% energy-savings compared to conventional systems
  • High energy efficiency: servo direct-drive,no reactive current, low and flexible current consumption
  • Low connected load required: No power consumption when the system is
    at a standstill – suitable for operations with low energy supply
  • Plunger pump with three pistons:High power density and high level of
    efficiency of up to 98 %, replace 6,000 bar technology
  • long maintenance intervals, simple structure, no warm-up and startup phase – ready to go right away 
  • Permanent pressure control and integrated pulsation damping
  • Higher cutting speed than with the pressure intensifier in a comparable combination
  • Lowest noise level of < 75 dB
  • Can be used in all waterjet cutting machines and brands

What are the advantages in terms of costs and benefits when using an HT Servo-Jet4000 in a system-optimized manner?

Direct comparison of the established technologies for pressure generation (WJC-system with one cutting head).

Required energy max. 37,000 W  optimized 20,800 W * – 44 %
operating cost ca. 5 € / h ca. 2,5 € / h – 50 %
Cutting speed 100 % 100% (up to 200 % possible **) + 100 %
Pressure generation Hydraulics Servo direct drive  
Energy losses high (due to reactive current and hydraulics) low, High efficiency  
Maintenance intervals 500 – 800 operating hours Preventive maintenance at 1,250 operating hours + 48 % more operational time
Power protection 80 A

optimized 30 A ***

– 37,5 %
pressure control Inertial pressure level
Constant pressure level
Noise level < 80 dB < 70 dB – 12, 5 %

* up to – 40% less energy consumption (depending on the required delivery rate)!

** in combination with HT Power technology

*** 50 A at maximum delivery rate

All in one - many advantages from a single source

With a HT Servo-Jet4000 it is possible to operate several cutting heads with a delivery rate of max. 8.4 l / min!


The world’s first direct-drive plunger pump – ideal for pure water cutting.


  • Our innovative technology allows for record-breaking switch cycles of under one second.
  • The high-precision pressure control – combined with an accumulator – guarantees a constant waterjet and allows for unparalleled cutting speeds.
  • The use of quality components promises a long service life and the same for
    the high-pressure pump.