HIGH PRESSURE MAKES HIGH DEMANDS on qualitiy and workmanship of a water jet cutting system and on its peripheral equipment. Even the system’s efficiency depends to a large extent on the quality of the system components. We develop and produce sturdy and sophisticated high-pressure technology and, thanks to our large range of products, we can quickly deliver the right original replacement and wear part for every customised requirement.

AT THE HEART OF EVERY WATER JET CUTTING SYSTEM IS THE HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP: The more efficient the pump, the more efficient the entire system!
In addition to our own high-pressure pump series HT Servo-Jet4000 we also carry high-pressure pumps from well-known manufacturers, such as BFT, KMT, Jet Cut and Trumpf, with whom we maintain permanent partnerships. Our many years of experience help us help you choose the right pump for your system.
For the longevity of your new high-pressure pump we offer our know-how, which we are happy to share with you in ongoing trainings.
Take advantage of our excellently trained service technicians and a prompt supply of spare parts.

All of the cutting heads are developed and produced in accordance with high performance and quality criteria. We put great emphasis on continually improving our product. We combine the latest research findings in high-pressure technology, material and manufacturing technology with our extensive experience.

This means you receive products with maximum added value:

  • Precise adjustment possibilities for your individual requirements
  • High throughput for the operation of large water jets
  • Simple maintenance
  • Long service life of the seals and components
  • Short set-up times

Application areas:

  • Pure water cutting
  • Abrasive cutting
  • Two-dimensional applications
  • Three-dimensional applications
  • Customised productions:
  • We develop uniquely adapted cutting heads for your individual requirements.

Typ Full-3D 90° (With swivel, abrasive)

Typ 90°-2D (Abrasive)

Typ 45°-2D (With HD-filter, abrasive)

Typ Full-3D 90° (With HD-filter, pure water)

To cut hard materials every water jet cutting system requires the addition of abrasive material. This is added directly in the cutting head via an injector. Hapro Technik’s (abrasive) injector system provides your cutting system with many great advantages:

  • High cutting capacity: High flow of water and abrasive
  • Durable: Sturdy workmanship
  • Short set-up times: Water jet and mixing chamber can be changed separately
  • Quiet: Low noise level
  • Adaptive: Adjustable to changing requirements possible
  • Independent of manufacturer: Use of standard sizes for jets and focussing tube
  • Flexible: Usable for cutting heads of all makes

For an even higher level of optimisation, premium models from the HT Plus product range are available.